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How do I defrizz my short hair at the beach?

I have a chin-length bob. My hair is pretty frizzy and very wavy underneath. The top layer of hair is strick-straight!! I have to blow-dry and straighten my hair with a flat-iron. So, what can I put into my hair at the beach to calm it down and to look descent. I don't look too hot in headbands either.How do I defrizz my short hair at the beach?
I would bring a light can even combine gel, water, and leave in hair conditioner. Spray and scrunch your hair after you get out of the water.How do I defrizz my short hair at the beach?
a spray in leave-in conditioner will keep it silky and protect it against the sun and the sand (and the salt water) Use some cute clipsto pull the sides back a little bit (clip at the temples) and embrace the waves. Beach hair is always sexy

When I straighten my hair the ends flip outwards?

I have pretty straight hair naturally but on somedays it gets a little wavy so I straighten it. I have a Conair wet-dry ceramic flat iron with different heat settings and I don' t really know how to work it.

Anyways here is my problem: Sometimes when I straighten my hair, the ends of my hair flip outwards. It's VERY annoying and I don't know why because my hair is not curly.When I straighten my hair the ends flip outwards?
This happens to me all the time!

When you are straightening just turn the iron in towards your face.

And about the differnt heat settings the lower you put it on the harder it will be to straighten your hair. But, the higher you put the iron on the more damage it causes to your hair but it will be ALOT easier to straighten. So you might want to get a heat protection styling spray(if you haven't already). I use Heat Protexx by Nexus, and it has worked really good on protecting my hair!

Good luck and I hope I helped! =]When I straighten my hair the ends flip outwards?
First of all, make sure the straightener is hot enough. Second, be careful in how you straighten. Make sure you do it slow and keep moving the flat iron downwards. Dont flip it up and dont do it too fast! hope this helps =D
this happens to me sometimes when ur straightening ur hair straighten it inword toward ur face works 4 me %26lt;3
well if your straightner has a place to put you fingers on the end, just squeeze on the and pull down on your hair slowly and it should work. my hair is the same way..
you might just be pulling th straightner away as you straighten. try running a comb just ahead or your straightener.
It probably is the way your running the flat iron down your hair. Make sure you don't turn your wrist up when your flat ironing. Also using a comb above the flat iron as your running it down your hair helps. It helps give it a more straight look and gets waves out better.
same thing happens to me, it does flip out at the ends but thats just the heat working on your hair. after like a half an hour your head cools down and your hair should flatten out. If not get a paddle brush and blow dry it. Also, if your straighten your hair wet it for some reason tends to flip out more than when you dry it. My best luck is usually when I wash and condition my hair, blow dry it until its almost completely dry and then take the iron to it. Everyone's head is different so it takes some figuring out to find whats best for your hair. Good luck
well there could be a few things wrong:

1. your hair is cut to flip outwards, if thats what you asked for last time you went to the salon thats what your going to get.

2.your straighten isn't very good, trust me i know, i have used conair. if you want a less expensive flat iron go with revlon, they sell one that has a special rounded edge where you can flip your ends under.
strightnet it at the bottom
mine does that 2 u jus have 2 go over it again and bump your hair under
Okay, this happens to me too.

When you're straightening your hair, hold the straightener inwards. You know what I mean? And when you straighten it, let it run down your hair slowly, then stop at the ends of your hair. It shouldn't flip outwards. Hope this helps!

maybe you should get some of those relaxer stuff

How well do hot air brushes work on biracial hair?

I have really thick and curly biracial hair. My hair is about a 3b on the hair chart thingy and I want to know if I should invest in a hot air brush. I am planning on using it before I straighten my hair with a flat iron to make the process easier. Should I get the one with boar bristles or plastic bristles? How well does it work? What does it do? I greatly appreciate the help :DHow well do hot air brushes work on biracial hair?
If you get a hot air brush it will rip out your hair.Try getting a blow dryer with a pick attachment instead (works really good).It looks like this:鈥?/a> (you can see the pick attachment bellow it.How well do hot air brushes work on biracial hair?
A hot air brush will not work well on your hair, it is too coarse/resistant. Hot air brushes are basically like using a blow dryer and a round brush, it works really well on people with fine and normal hair, but even Caucasians with thick, coarse hair have problems with it. So in theory it will not work well, and I have also heard from a few bi racial and African-Americans who said that it did not work at all for them. Just use a thermal styling spray with your flat iron.

How to make my hair grow quicker?

I'm half black and half white and I have really curly, ethnic hair. I get relaxers once every couple months, and I usually straighten my hair with a flat iron, so the ends of my hair break off a lot. I usually wrap my hair at night, and I use a lot of products to shield heat before I use my flat iron, but it keeps breaking off anyways! What can I do to keep it from breaking off and help it grow out faster?How to make my hair grow quicker?
Hmmm... I'm white, so I don't know a LOT about ethnic hair, but have you ever thought about chemically relaxing it? In the long run, it saves your hair a lot of damage from the day to day styling of a flat iron.

Secondly, there's not really a proven way to make your hair grow out faster.

I've used a supplement called Biotin in the past, and it personally made my hair seem to grow out longer and quicker, but as for anyone else, I'm not entirely sure. It can't hurt to take it, as it's just a bunch of proteins that are good for your hair when it's growing. It's found in prenatal vitamins, so it's not this weird, foreign substance going into your body.

You can pick up a bottle at walmart or something in the supplement aisle for just a few bucks. :]How to make my hair grow quicker?
Take vitamins like biotin and b vitamins.

Deep condition your hair 2 times-1 time a week

Your hair needs protein so you should deep condition your hair twice or once a month with organic root stimulator hair mayonnaise or vitale hair mayonnaise then deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner or else your hair would be hard from the protein

Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

Drink A LOT of water.

Exercise to stimulate hair growth.

Oil your scalp with castor oil + sweet almond oil or coconut oil

Foods rich in vitamin A (dairy products, fish, spinach, apricots), vitamin B (meat, fish, bananas, leafy green veggies), vitamin C (citrus, melon, tomatoes and potatoes) and vitamin E (nuts, broccoli, whole grains) are essential for truly healthy hair. Feel like eating a steak tonight? Perfect. Red meat is rich in iron and zinc, two nutrients proven to help your hair grow its fastest.

You should moisturize your hair and seal it with an oil(like olive oil, coconut oil) daily

For more info open your im so that I can email you and also you should try going to
follow these tips to repair it

# Have patience.

# Take time out to care for your hair.

# Change your diet to improve the health of your hair and minimize hair breakage. Eat a diet that is high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Be sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids, also known as omega-3. Some good sources of omega-3 include salmon, herring, flax seed, walnuts, olive oil and lean meats, among others.

# Take vitamin E and B supplements, or better yet, take a multi-vitamin every day. It may take awhile before you see improved results in your hair, but adding these vitamins to your diet works toward repairing hair breakage from the inside out.

# Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners every time you wash your hair. Avoid pulling or twisting your hair when washing or drying it.

# Get your hair trimmed regularly to prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft to the roots. It is a good idea to have split ends trimmed once a month.

# the first home remedy is a hot oil treatment. This treatment is great for many things, however is perfect for hair breakage

here is a great homemade remedy to treat breakage

* The first home remedy is hair mayonnaise recipe. The first step is to combine and whisk two egg yolks in a small bowl.

* now, cut an avocado into two halves. Remove the skin of one half and place it in a separate bowl. Then use a fork to mash the avocado.

* Add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to avocado and whisk olive oil and avocado together until they are one texture.

* Whisk the egg yolk separately. Then add the yolk to the avocado and olive oil blend; continue whisking until they are one composition.

* Now apply throughout the hair, however concentrate on the areas that need it most (like the ends or hair in back of the head).

* Leave in the hair for about a half hour and then shampoo and condition hair as usual.

* Repeat these steps every 3 days or weekly until there is an improvement in the overall condition of the hair. You should be able to see results after about 2 to 3 weeks. If not, please consult with a professional.
you should get the mane and tail horse shampoo it is not only for horses and the smell its not so bad for a horse shampoo it really works they sell it at walmart in the pet area
Okay first thing, make sure you get a trim every six weeks. This is very important because especially when you straighten your hair (like i do), you hair has lots of dead split ends on it, so when your hair grows, the split ends grow with it, and then break off, so its not really growing. This is why you need to get a regular trim so that those split ends can be cut off instead of breaking themselves off, and will help your hair to grow faster. After each time you get your hair trimmed, be sure to deep condition it.

-Each week massage your scalp with an organic hair oil for about ten minutes, to help stimulate hair growth and increase the blood flow. Try Jojoba Oil,鈥?/a> which can be found at Whole Foods stores.

-Make sure you try to get enough sleep (8 hours a night is what you should aim for) because hair grows when you sleep. Also try your hardest to drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated, because when your body is dehydrated your hair stops growing.

-Vitamins! Vitamins like Zinc and Iron are really good for your hair because they make it strong and healthy (which makes it grow!), and look for shampoo and conditioner than contain vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, Zinc, and Iron, which feed your hair, and make it healthy.

Don't forget once a week to deep condition or use a hair mask. And keep it hydrated by drinking water (like i said earlier) and using hydrating shampoo and conditioner (My favorite is: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration-鈥?/a> Keeping your hair hydrated is really important!

Remember to be patient, as growing out your hair takes time. Just do all the tips i told you and in 3 or 4 months you'll be at the length you want!

Hope i helped! =)

You do NOT have to trim your hair every six weeks, and if your ends are healty you don't have to do it at all, I snip 1/2 inch of my ends off every six monts.

Here goes your tips:

1. Drink lots of water, atleast 8 to 12 glasses, not soda or juice, but water.

2. Eat a diet that is good for your hair. Eggs, Chicken, Peas, Salmon, Carrots, Almonds, and wheat germ are all good for hair growth, there are other foods as well, so do a search on it.

3. Take a multi vitamin. I believe that taking one specifically for healthy hair will give you the best results. I like GNC Ultra Nourishair, it's cheap and you can get em' at Rite Aid.

4. Excercise, cardio and aerobics are great excercises for hair. They get the blood going, and the blood nourishes your follicles.

5. Use products for your hair type (curly, dry, oily, color treated, etc.).

6. Shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week.

7. When you shampoo your hair, make sure you rinse out all of the shampoo. Leaving that shampoo film can dry your scalk and cause itchiness, it can also dry your strands as well.

8. Do a deep conditioning treatment atleast once a month. I actually do this once a week, but you should at least do it once a month.

9. If your hair is extremely dry, do a hot oil treatmen once a month. V05 and Queen Helene makes good ones, and these products are inexpensive as well.

10. Try and get those relaxers every three months if possible. The longer the better. When you relax your hair with less than 1 1/2 inches of new growth, you run the risk of over processing your hair, which causes major breakage in the long run.

11. Don't use your flat iron more than once a week. Wrap your hair around your head and put a silk or satin scarf on it to keep the straightness at night.

12. You said that you used a lot of heat protectants. A good heat protectant is a good thing, but too much of a good thing is bad, so lighten up on the products. Raid your stash so you can see what you really need.

13. If your hair is short at your shoulders, try and keep it off of your shoulders. It would be best to wear it in breads and high ponytails to keep it off your shoulders. Its okay to wear your hair down sometimes, but this can break alot of black peoples hair off. Make sure your breads and ponytails aren't too tight.

14. Don't put grease on your scalp. Grease contains protroleum and/or mineral oil, these are not good for the hair b/c they can clog the pores on your scalp and slow down your growth.

15. When you're sitting down with nothing to do, massage your scalp, it really does stimulate the scalp for healthy growth.

16. Be patient.

Don't go for any get rich quick scheme. If you follow these tips, your hair will eventually stop breaking, just give it a couple months. Healthy hair grows. If your hair is not breaking, it will appear to get longer faster.

Paul Mitchell, Nioxin, Nairobi, Organic Root Stimulator, Aphogee, and Nexxus are excellent product lines.

For more hair tips, go to your local library. Most public library carry books on hair health.
im black and white too. i have more white people hair then black people hair, but my sister has more black hair than white..

dont use relaxers it wont help it grow it will damage your hair in the long run. if you want it straight use a straightener and heat defense spray. thats your best bet. use leave in conditioner. curly hair grows faster. braid it. but if you want it longer stop relaxing it, stop flat ironing it. and use a leave in condi. and regular trimmings. every 6 weeks

Do many people not realize that straightening hair with chemicals and flat irons is damaging to hair?

i wonder if people realize this before they say- straighten your curly hair- press it- perm it-

do they not realize that those chemicals could cause cancer? or yet alone split ends, bald spots?

seriously. you don't know what's in those chemicals or how to pronounce many of them-

some people of certain racial backgrounds aren't supposed to have straight hair- that's just the way it is- why is it such a problem to some? that they can't even look a person in their face when they are biracial or black or hispanic hair because their hair is curly- their hair is just curly- its not a big deal-

its really dumb to me- very vain too- i have some who can't even look me in my face because of my curly puffy hair- its just hair-

that people just say do this- do that- straighten it- i had been straightening it for years and it was falling out- not healthy- not long anymore because i was listening to the wrong people- without even evaluating what the chemicals and flat irons do?Do many people not realize that straightening hair with chemicals and flat irons is damaging to hair?
I get that too.

My hair is (dry textured and fine) yet thick but not oily like alot of white people but prone to split ends as well. But shines. Here is what I did. (Below) I am being silly. Hope you get a laugh out of this.

Keep it REAL and wear your curls. Who cares what people think??

I refuse to fit in a mold of straight hippy hair world!!!

I wear mine it like it is. So what if they look at me crazy they might be just jealuse!!! Because my hair goes bouncy bouncy!!

I just wash and wear my curls no primping straightening required!!

In Fact sometimes I put a little moose or gel to get SUPER CURLS on top of what I have allready! haha!!

Curls rule!!! I love them and we are a blessed people to have ringlets.

Thank you Lord for giving us pretty hair!

I personally think guys love curls.

I come from the 80's where curls and big hair was the thing.It still is in my book. Give it some time it will come back around. Then everyone will want what we have!Do many people not realize that straightening hair with chemicals and flat irons is damaging to hair?
Thanks for the 10 pts!!)

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We all know that straightneing one's hair is damaging, and sure alot of the products are filled with harsh chemicals. But at this point in today's socety everyone is trying to achieve a look so doing it doesn't seem so bad. People want to look good. Simple as that...

But hey, if you feel confident and attractive letting your hair be however it wants than good for you, I'm sure you rock it quite well :)

good luck
my hair broke off because of it.
I Have curly hair.. =) I Love it but my hair suits me better straightened.. =[
You're so right. It's best for your hair to go AU NATURAL. But it sure wouldn't hurt to use a hair straightner or a hair curler or something everyone once in a while! (Just not too much!) :)

As for your curly hair, I don't mind people with curly hair. God created us all with our personality and hair styles, so why not keep it?
I realize that but it looks better totally straight.
Well I knew they damage hair because obviously you are applying heat and chemicals and making you hair doing something they aren't naturally. And that's really dumb for people not to look at you just cuz of your puffy hair.
People like to ignore this. Even when they know, it's bad.
i used to straighten my hair but it got bad dry,split ends.., i stopped using flat iron now my hair is healthy as ever curly long black shiney hair.. :)

How much does it cost to get hair chemically straightened?

I have really wavy/curly hair. and i straighten my hair with a flat iron like, everyday. but now in P.E we have to do swimming really soon, and my hair is going to poof out! how can i get it to stay straight?how much would it cost?How much does it cost to get hair chemically straightened?
your hairs gonna fall out if you chemicalise your hair then go swimming in bleach.

How can i get my dry curly hair to get super straight with a flat iron?

every time i straightened my hair it comes out all dry and ugly

some chicks in school straightened there hair and it is all sleek as if it was naturally straight. what can i use to match that?How can i get my dry curly hair to get super straight with a flat iron?
I would recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week. You should use a regular conditioner every night though.

To get curly hair straight, after your shower you should put some straightening balm in your hair and blow-dry it straight using a round brush. After that, you should flat iron it and spritz shine serum on areas that tend to frizz.

Hope I helped :-)

Good Luck %26lt;3How can i get my dry curly hair to get super straight with a flat iron?
There are straiting serums i think ther called they come in a box and after u get out of the shower you put it in ur hair and they give u this comb and u comb the stuff through ur hair and it will look naturally strait. Much Luck;)
you could use some products before ironing your hair. There are straightening balms out there which you could put on your hair so that it will be easier to iron and the final output would look better
before you straighten your hair put product in it, i suggest J Beverly HIlls Crazy Straight. THen straighten your hair and possibly put J shine drops spray on afterwards. Check with your favorite hair salon for their best product because it will give the best result.

My mom is a hairdresser and J Beverly Hills is her favorite brand